Current Exhibition Gallery

Congratulations to the artists whose work was selected for the “Landscapes Near and Far” Exhibition.

Our Juror: Bonny Lundy.  Bonny will be leading a painting workshop in Chimayo, Santa De and Taos, New Mexico in September.  View details at her website ~ Come and enjoy painting in this picturesque place.

Lundy’s Comments for the”Landscapes Near and Far” Exhibition:   “Viewing this diverse group of landscapes has been enjoyable. The common thread is that these images evoke strong feeling, which is very important in art. Artists need to access their personal view and individual style with integrity.

As juror and art teacher of thirty years, I look for artwork with unique use of color and composition plus competence with the medium. An artwork first attracts my attention with it’s unique overall feeling – it hangs together, appearing complete. Thank you for sharing your artwork.”

~Bonny Lundy, Juror

“Landscapes Near and Far” Exhibition Award Winners

1st Place “The Sear of Interlude” by artist Demian.

Lundy‘s Critique:   “This authentic abstract has strong visual impact- plentiful energy with bold color and shapes that evoke many possibilities for awakening the viewer’s imagination.”

IMG_0709 - Version 2

The Sear of the Interlude, Demian

2nd Place “Tsunami” by artist Vincenzo Corrado.

Lundy’s Critique: “Sophisticated use of materials, strong subject matter and concept, unique use of color to create ominous light reminiscent of Albert Pinkham Ryder make this a powerful visual experience.”


“Tsunami”, Vincenzo Corrado

3rd Place “Ponte di Rialto” by artist Neelam Shaikh.  

Lundy’s Critique:  “With gem like, expressive color, this painting represents good use of creative, imaginative light effects and bold shapes.”


“Ponte di Rialto”, Neelam Shaikh

4th Place “Green View” by Paula Haapalahti.

Lundy’s Critique:  “This piece is an intellectually and psychologically interesting concept with a unique composition. A mysterious use of texture and the monochromatic theme, and understated shapes leaves a lot up to the viewer.”


“Green View”, Paula Haapalahti


“Landscapes Near and Far” Competition  Honorable Mention Awards

“Sacred Sequoia- Ethereal Glow” by Luke Engle.

Lundy’s Critique:  “This piece has strong composition, feeling of light and atmosphere.”


“Dawn at the Coast of Mendocino” by William Francis Brennan.

Lundy’s Critique:  “Good movement and depth creates a spacious feeling here, with clear color and assertive value changes.”


“Sunlight on the River” by Ann Marie Lander.

Lundy’s Critique:  “With strong shapes this painting deserves an A for effort.”


“Chamarel” by Vincenzo Corrado

Lundy’s Critique:  “With a soft impression of this bucolic composition, this painting becomes a pleasing textural, peaceful experience.”