Benefits of Leading Artists Gallery Juried Competitions

Exposure: We will showcase examples of submitted artwork in a pre-exhibition until jurors’ decision is announced.  The juror will select up to thirty images for each exhibition.   The artist of each selected image will be identified as a “Leading Artists of the Month”.  Each “Leading Artist” will be identified with the selected image in the Current Exhibition Gallery for thirty days.  After thirty days, the selected works in each themed exhibition will be displayed in the Leading Artists Premiere Gallery for one year.

Recognition: Of the art selected for the exhibition, the juror will also select 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winning images.  The artists of each of these award winning images will be identified as “Leading Artists Award Winners” and will be highlighted in the Leading Artists Premier Gallery for one year as well as additional promotions (see Promotions below).

Promotions: The “Leading Artists Award Winners” will be displayed on, a professional business networking site to also professional exposure and generate global interest in winning artworks.  These winners will be featured on the Leading Artists Gallery Facebook business page to generate interest in each artist and their work. Press releases announcing winners will be issued to media outlets for each monthly competition to give winning artists and their work maximum exposure.

Connections: Leading Artists Gallery will: 1) Provide winning artists with a connection to art buyers, galleries and other artists through our world wide gallery network, 2) Increase an artists’ visibility through website optimization of search engines, and social media outlets; 3) create exposure to new and developing markets including designers, corporate collections, national magazines, and gallery owners.

Opportunity:  Artists selected for exhibitions are invited to establish a profile page in the Leading Artists Profile Gallery.  Leading Artists Profile Gallery offers artists an opportunity to show additional art images, an artist’s statement, sales promotions and direct links to their website, blog and personal twitter.  This yearly subscription enables each artist to advertise additional work, promote themselves through this additional online gallery source and increase sales opportunities.  To create your profile page, go to Profile Information.